St. Mary’s Flames win WWHSHL Championship Title

Congratulations to the St. Mary’s Flames who won the CTV Division 1 Finals last night to become the 2017-18 WWHSHL Champions. It was a sweet victory for the Flames who won the series on the 10th anniversary of their last championship title earned in the 2007-08 WWHSHL season. The Flames had a consistently strong season, finishing in first place with a record 100 goals during regular season. The 100th goal was scored by their Captain Alexia Lecocq, assisted by Jade Giesbrecht.

In the final series against the Dakota Lancers, the Flames defeated the Lancers 4-1 in game one March 7, and then 7-3 in game two last night for the best of three series win. In the first period, the Flames scored two goals at 6:07 (Rakowski, Oxenforth) and at 3:54 (Geisbrecht, Boguski), and the Lancers answered with a single goal at 3:07 (S. Neale, Olfert, Rubigny). In a hotly contested second period, the Flames scored the only goal at 13:34 (Kim, Geisbrecht) for a 3-1 lead. In an exciting third period, the Flames opened the scoring with a goal at 18:00 (Boguski, Kim) answered by the Lancers at 11:41 (Bridle, A. Neale, Shatford). The Flames scored again at 11:01 (Duma, Odowichuk, Bird) and the Lancers answered that goal at 9:02 (Olfert, Shatford, Rubigny); score Flames 5-3. Despite a number of chances for the Lancers during the final minutes of the game, the Flames scored two more goals; one at 4:42 (Odowichuk, Kim, Boguski) and at .02 (Kim, Boguski).

The Stars of the Game were:

  • 1st Star – Abbey Boguski, St. Mary’s Flames
  • 2nd Star – Sonya Neale, Dakota Lancers
  • 3rd Star – Jade Geisbrecht, St. Mary’s Flames

The St. Mary’s Flames and the Dakota Lancers will be honored at the WWHSHL Excellence and Leadership Awards on Monday, April 16, 2018. For detailed series and playoff information, please visit 2017-18 Playoffs.

Shoot outs dominate Game 1 Division Finals

WWHSHL Playoffs CTV Division Game 1
Photo Credit: Winnipeg Free Press
In game one of the CTV Division Championship series, the St. Mary’s Flames defeated the Dakota Lancers 4-1. In the first period both teams scored a goal; the Flames at 7:17 (Duma, Boguski, Bird) and the Lancers at 1:03 (S. Neale, Olfert). The second period was scoreless. The Flames broke the 1-1 tie with a goal at 12:28 (Bird, Duma), and another at 2:16 (Lecocq, Odowichuk). The Lancers pulled their goalie for a 6-player attack, but the Flames scored on the empty net at 1:16 (Duma, Bird). Stars of the Game: 1st Star – Julianna Duma, Flames; 2nd Star Brooklyn Olfert, Lancers; and 3rd Star Alexi Lecocq, Flames. Series score: St. Mary’s 1-0.

The Winnipeg Free Press Division 2 final series got of to an amazing start. In a thrilling first game between the CSLR Renards and the Sanford Sabres, the first two periods remained scoreless. In the third period, the Renards scored at 17:23 (Erickson, Delaquis) and the Sabres answered at 15:12 (Thompson, Halstead) to tie the game 1-1. Both teams turned up the heat, creating but not capitalizing on several power play opportunities during the remainder of regulation and the overtime period. The Renards won the shoot out round to defeat the Sabres 2-1 (SO). Stars of the Game: 1st Star – Alexis Bossuyt, CSLR Renards; 2nd Star Olivia Thompson, Sanford Sabres; and 3rd Star Mariella Daigneault, CSLR Renards. Series score: CSLR Renard 1-0.

In the hotly contested Hire Marketing Division Finals, the KE Reivers defeated the Glenlawn Lions 3-2 in a game one shoot out. The Reivers came out strong and scored back to back goals in the first period; one at 4:42 (Baptiste, Becker) and the other at 4:21 (Goulet). Momentum shifted in the second period. The Lions answered both Reivers goals with a short-handed goal at 13:22 (Blackburn, Leonard) and another at 7:38 (Barr, Leonard, Spence) to tie the game 2-2. Both the third period and the overtime period were scoreless despite several chances by both teams. Stars of the Game: 1st Star – Brooke Goulet, KE Reivers; 2nd Star -Olivia Devine, Glenlawn Lions, and 3rd Star Samantha Robert, KE Reivers. Series score: KE Reivers 1-0.

Game two in all division will be played March 9 at the Dakota Community Centre. For additional details, check the series schedule.


Players of the Week ending March 2, 2018

St. Mary’s FlamesCTV Division 1:
Congratulations St. Mary’s Flames Nicole Howorth for her outstanding performance in her team’s semi-final playoff series this week against the relentless CJS Olympiens. In game one, Nicole started the offensive rush for an assist in the Flames 2-1 win, and then scored a goal in the second period of game three contributing to the Flames 3-0 game three and series win.
Sanford SabresWFP Division 2:
Congratulations Sanford Sabres Melayna Drozd, who was a one skater wrecking machine in her team’s semi-final playoff series against the second ranked SJR Eagles. Melayna scored 5 goals in a 6-1 game one win, and another unassisted goal in a thrilling 2-1 victory clinching the series win.

Flames, Lancers advance to Championship Finals

In game one of the WWHSHL CTV Division 1 semi-final playoff series between the first ranked St. Mary’s Flames and the fourth ranked CJS Olympiens this week, the Flames narrowly defeated the Olympiens 2-1. The Olympiens came out strong in game 2 and defeated the Flames 3-1. With the series tied 1-1, St. Mary’s opened the scoring at the 13:38 mark (Balcaen, Kim, Steciuk) of the first period, and then added two more goals in the second period, one at 12:39 (Howorth, Rakowski, Geisbrecht) and another at 1:46 (Steciuk, Balcaen, Howorth). The Olympiens turned up the heat in the third period to deny all the Flames scoring chances, however, they were also unable to get on the board. Final Score: St. Mary’s Flames 3-0 and the series win.

In the hotly contested semi-final series between the second ranked Dakota Lancers and the third ranked Selkirk Royals, the Lancers captured game one 3-1, and the Royals answered with a sound 4-1 defeat in game 2. With the series tied 1-1, both teams played to win in the deciding game three. Just as it looked like the first period would be scoreless, the Lancers scored a breakaway goal at the 3:50 mark (Borsboom) and the Royals answered just before the buzzer at .08 (Truthwaite, Johnstone, Horbaty) for a first period score 1-1. In the second period, the Royals struck first with a goal at 12:03 (Hobraty, Goetz), but the Lancers dominated the rest of the period scoring four goals at 8:12 (Sharford, S. Neale), at 8:03 (S. Neale, Olfert, Shatford), at 6:51 (S. Neale, Neale, Rubigny) and a powerplay goal at 5:55 (Shatford, S. Neale). Second period score Lancers 5 vs Selkirk 2. In the third period, the Royals struck first again with a breakaway goal at 14:48 (Carter). However, the Lancers seemingly unstoppable line of Neale and Shatford answered the Royals goal with three more of their own for a score of 8-3 at the 5:27 mark. The Royals managed one more scoring rally with 2 minutes left on the clock (Desjarlais), but it was not enough to claim game three. Final score: Lancers 8-4 and the series win.

The St. Mary’s Flames and the Dakota Lancers will face off in the WWHSHL Championship Playoff Finals at the Dakota Community Centre March 7, 9 and 13 if necessary. For additional details, check the series schedule.

2017-18 WWHSL Playoff Season Begins!

The WWHSHL Playoffs for the 2017-18 season begin today in all three divisions, and the run up to the final series is sure to be as competitive and exciting as the race to the top during the regular season. At the close of regular season, the first-place teams in each division were the St. Mary’s Flames, CTV Division 1; Beliveau Barracudas, Winnipeg Free Press Division 2, and CPET Canadiennes, Hire Marketing Division 3.

For detailed playoff schedules and stats, please go to WWHSHL 2017-18 Playoffs.

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St. Mary’s Flames achieve 100 goals this season

On Thursday, February 8 during a hard fought and exciting 2-1 SO win against the PCI Saints, the St. Mary’s Flames achieved a record 100 goals for the 2017-18 WWHSHL Regular Season. The 100th goal was scored by their Captain Alexia Lecocq, and assisted by teammate Jade Giesbrecht, at 9:08 in the second period. The Flames also reached this milestone in their 2010-11 season having scored 112 goals.

Since 2010, reaching a record 100 goals scored in a single season has been achieved 9 times. The history is as follows:

Teams Reaching 100 Goals in Regular Season

  • St. Mary’s Flames (100 goals), 2017-18 CTV Division 1
  • PCI Saints (109 goals), 2016-17 Winnipeg Free Press Division 2
  • River East Kodiaks (101 goals), 2016-17 Winnipeg Free Press Division 2
  • Garden City Gophers (101 goals), 2016-17 Winnipeg Free Press Division 2
  • Miles Mac Buckeyes (100 goals), 2015-16 Winnipeg Free Press Division 2
  • Selkirk Royals (113 goals), 2015-16 Winnipeg Free Press Division 2
  • Selkirk Royals (101 goals), 2013-14 Winnipeg Free Press Division 2
  • Balmoral Hall Blazers (127 goals), 2011-12 CTV Division 1
  • St. Mary’s Flames (112 goals), 2010-11 CTV Division 1

Players of the Week ending February 2, 2018

St. Mary’s FlamesCTV Division 1:
Congratulations St. Mary’s Flames Haley Steciuk, a power forward who doesn’t quit. Her constant coverage on the ice and an assist helped her team beat the Kelvin Clippers 5-1 on Monday, and then Friday, Haley scored 2 goals to propel her team to a 5-3 victory over the VMC Trojans. Haley is the Flames third highest scorer with 25 points this season.
Springfield SabresWFP Division 2:
Congratulations Springfield Sabres Colleen Early who plays every game as if it is her last game, hard and fast! In a very tight game against the CSLR Renards, Colleen scored 1 goal and added an assist and was the catalyst her team needed. Colleen is the Sabres leading scorer with 25 points this season.

Regular Season First Half Leaders

December 22 marked the end of a very competitive first half of play in the 2017-18 WWHSHL Regular Season. In CTV Division One, the St. Mary’s Flames, Dakota Lancers and CJS Olympiens are tied for first place with the Selkirk Royals knocking at their door. The SJR Eagles lead the Winnipeg Free Press Division, with the defending division champion Garden City Gophers one point behind. The Lorette Scorpions lead the Hire Marketing Division followed by last season’s championship finalist Glenlawn Lions and the rookie CPET Canadiennes.

The overall point scorers for the League are Ashley Keller, Beliveau Barracudas (33 points), and Dakota Lancers’ Risa Shatford and Sonya Neale (31 points). Leading the Goals against average is Emily Shippam, St. Mary’s Flames (1.88), followed by Rachelle Jeffrey, Beliveau Barracudas (1.49) and Grace Fedirchuk, SJR Eagles (1.50). Grace Fedirchuk also leads the League’s goaltenders with 6 shut-out victories.

For more stats and standings, please follow the links below:
Division StandingsPlayer Stats

Players of the Week ending December 8, 2017

St. Mary’s FlamesCTV Division 1:
Congratulations St. Mary’s Flames Jenny Kim whose outstanding offensive play contributed to two Flames victories this week. Jenny scored 2 goals and an assist in the Flames’ 5-1 win over the Miles Mac Buckeyes on Wednesday, followed by another goal and an assist in their 7-3 win over the Selkirk Royals on Thursday. Jenny’s 5-point week jumped her into the top 5 Flames’ point scorers, with a total of 11 points this season.
SJR EaglesWFP Division 2:
Congratulations SJR Eagles Paige Roddy whose stellar performance this week helped her team take first place in the standings, with a one-point lead over the Beliveau Barracudas. On Tuesday, Paige scored 2 goals in the Eagles 4-0 win over the Springfield Sabres, and then three days later, scored the game ending power play goal in their 5-0 win over the Sanford Sabres. Paige is one of the Eagles’ top scorers with 16 points this season.

Players of the Week ending February 24, 2017

CTV Division:
Congratulations St. Mary’s Flames Haley Steciuk! Haley was instrumental in two team victories this week scoring 1 goal and 2 helpers in a 5-0 victory over the Dakota Lancers, and 2 days later, chipping in with another goal and an assist in a thrilling 4-3 victory over the powerful Vincent Massey Trojans.
WFP Division:
Congratulations PCI Saints Bailey Grantham! Showing incredible performance leadership, the Saints captain was on fire this week. In Game 1 of the playoff series, the upstart Fort Richmond Centurions defeated the Saints 4-3 with Bailey chipping in a goal and an assist. In game 2, Baily fire grew stronger with 3 assists in a 4-3 victory, and in the closing game, Bailey scored a goal and an assist in a 4-1 game and series win.