WWHSHL welcomes 2 new teams for 2017-18!

The WWHSHL is excited to welcome 2 new teams to our 2017-18 hockey season. Joining us are College Pierre Elliot Trudeau (CPET) Canadiennes and Centre Scolaire Leo-Remillard (CSLR) Renards. With the addition of CPET and CSLR, a record twenty-five teams across Winnipeg and surrounding areas will compete in our 22nd season.

Ever-growing in player popularity, the WWHSHL is proud to deliver the best possible developmental and competitive hockey experience for the benefit of female high school athletes in Manitoba. The 2017-18 season of the WWHSHL starts October 12 and promises to be a great one.

It’s fire on Ice. Join us at the rink and on social media @wwhshl to cheer your favourite players and teams.