St. Mary’s Flames win WWHSHL Championship Title

Congratulations to the St. Mary’s Flames who won the CTV Division 1 Finals last night to become the 2017-18 WWHSHL Champions. It was a sweet victory for the Flames who won the series on the 10th anniversary of their last championship title earned in the 2007-08 WWHSHL season. The Flames had a consistently strong season, finishing in first place with a record 100 goals during regular season. The 100th goal was scored by their Captain Alexia Lecocq, assisted by Jade Giesbrecht.

In the final series against the Dakota Lancers, the Flames defeated the Lancers 4-1 in game one March 7, and then 7-3 in game two last night for the best of three series win. In the first period, the Flames scored two goals at 6:07 (Rakowski, Oxenforth) and at 3:54 (Geisbrecht, Boguski), and the Lancers answered with a single goal at 3:07 (S. Neale, Olfert, Rubigny). In a hotly contested second period, the Flames scored the only goal at 13:34 (Kim, Geisbrecht) for a 3-1 lead. In an exciting third period, the Flames opened the scoring with a goal at 18:00 (Boguski, Kim) answered by the Lancers at 11:41 (Bridle, A. Neale, Shatford). The Flames scored again at 11:01 (Duma, Odowichuk, Bird) and the Lancers answered that goal at 9:02 (Olfert, Shatford, Rubigny); score Flames 5-3. Despite a number of chances for the Lancers during the final minutes of the game, the Flames scored two more goals; one at 4:42 (Odowichuk, Kim, Boguski) and at .02 (Kim, Boguski).

The Stars of the Game were:

  • 1st Star – Abbey Boguski, St. Mary’s Flames
  • 2nd Star – Sonya Neale, Dakota Lancers
  • 3rd Star – Jade Geisbrecht, St. Mary’s Flames

The St. Mary’s Flames and the Dakota Lancers will be honored at the WWHSHL Excellence and Leadership Awards on Monday, April 16, 2018. For detailed series and playoff information, please visit 2017-18 Playoffs.