Players of the Week ending February 8, 2018

Oak Park RaidersCTV Division 1:
Congratulations Oak Park Raiders Ashley Seitz who has had a terrific season. This week against the scrappy FRC Centurions, Ashley flew down the ice time and again, coming to her team’s rescue, fending off attackers and scoring a hat trick for a 3-2 victory. Ashley is the Raiders leading scorer with 21 points at the close of regular season.
CSLR RenardsWFP Division 2:
Congratulations CSLR Renards Sophie Maitre who put everything she had into 2 games played this week. Sophie had a goal and 3 assists in the Renards’ 7-0 victory over the JH Bruns Broncos on Monday, and in their last league game Wednesday, she scored another goal in their 5-1 win over the Beliveau Barracudas. Sophie is one of the Renards’ top scorers with 17 points this season.